Serenity School of Complementary Therapy


Hopi Ear Candle Therapy 5 CPD Points

This course is a one day workshop with a theoretical assessment and case study obligation. It looks at the history of candling, the composition of the candles, the anatomy and physiology of the ear and paranasal sinuses, common conditions treated and aftercare.


Level I

A two day course leading to attunement, enabling the student to give Reiki to self, family and friends.

Level II

A two day course leading to attunement, enabling the student to channel Reiki using symbols and to perform distance healing. This level allows the person to work on clients.

Level III practitioner and teacher

This course is held over a period of at least 6 months and allows the practitioner to work at Master level.

Massage in Pregnancy Workshop 10 CPD points

This 2 day workshop, designed for qualified therapists, explores the adaptation of techniques required for a pregnancy massage. Physical and psychological aspects of pregnancy are analysed as part of the theory based knowledge within this workshop. A greater understanding of the role of massage within pregnancy is discussed, demonstrated and practiced so that the therapist can feel confident in performing pregnancy massage on mothers-to-be.

Facial Skincare 10 CPD Points

Enjoyment is at the heart of this 2 day workshop, learning the techniques required for a facial skincare treatment and giving and receiving a treatment. The products used within this workshop are naturally derived with the emphasis on the practical application of cleansing, exfoliation, massage and face masks.

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