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"I thoroughly enjoyed the holistic massage course and Alison is such a lovely person to learn from. She is very thorough, helps and encourages you all the way through. The course is run over a long period of time but I think it is needed as its very in depth and you need that time to take in all of the theory and learn the practical skill. I'm so happy with my new qualification and will be coming back to learn more skills through Serenity school."
- TB - August 2016

"Alison's style of teaching is unique. It is relaxed, calm, fun and extremely addictive! She is like a foster mother to her students guiding them to success, being ever available before, during and after each course. She gives freely of her own time, quickly responding to emails and texts. I love Alison's courses and have so far completed four with her. Can't wait for the next one. I would thoroughly recommend Serenity School of Complementary Therapies."
- RW - August 2016

"This has been my third ITEC course I have studied with Alison which is a testament to her dedicated, professional and enthusiastic approach to teaching complementary therapies. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and makes you feel immediately at ease with the subject and confident in learning it. She clearly loves what she does and this is reflected in her teaching and you leave also loving the therapy you have learnt! "
- JP - August 2016

"I have absolutely loved this course, although it has been hard work it was worth every minute. Alison is an amazing teacher with an abundance of patience and understanding. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Holistic Therapies and thinking of learning new skills. You will not be disappointed if you choose to learn with Alison at Serenity School of Complementary Therapy."
- TW - August 2016

"I enrolled on the ITEC Level 3 Indian Head Massage course with Serenity as I wished to add to my existing ITEC qualification in Reflexology. Although I had no previous experience of training with Serenity, I found Alison very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire course and exam process. It was often very useful to bounce ideas and queries off Alison, who has a very thorough knowledge of the subject matter, both through teaching and from her professional background in healthcare. I would highly recommend Alison as a tutor for those either looking to start out in complementary therapy studies or to further their existing knowledge and qualifications. Certainly, I can personally vouch for the fact that despite any personal and professional pressures you might have throughout the course duration, Alison will continue to work with you very closely to ensure that you stay on track and ultimately achieve what you set out to. My thanks go to Alison."
- VL - August 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the holistic massage therapy course. It was hard, needing total commitment, as I was working full time and driving an hour each way to make the course every other weekend, but absolutely worth it. Alison was dedicated and approachable, determined that we would do as well as we possibly could. She was understanding and encouraging at all times and trained us to a very high standard. I now feel confident to begin a career in massage therapy having been so well-taught."
- LG - August 2015

"Alison a lovely person and truly inspirational. The time I have spent at Serenity School has been a true joy and has provided me with the foundation for my new career. Going into adult education after a long break from undertaking any courses can be daunting, however, Alison's ability to put people at ease made every session an absolute pleasure. She treats you as an individual and helps to build your own confidence and strengths. As a result of this course and Alison's teaching I feel that I am a confident and competent professional. I cannot wait to commence the next course!"
- LB - August 2015

"The two day Facial Skincare Course is very enjoyable and fulfilling. Whilst it is run at a relaxed pace, a great deal of information is provided and lots of learning takes place. The majority of the course comprises of actual hands-on practical experience and all students will benefit from receiving a beautiful, relaxing facial treatment which is heavenly.

Alison's style of teaching is always fun but highly professional, ensuring that her lessons include all the necessary information and tips regarding products and equipment.

I highly recommend this course and the teaching style and commitment of the teacher."
- Anon - July 2014

"I really enjoyed the course, it was a great experience and I made some great friends along the way. Alison is a fabulous teacher that ensure that group of people bond and enjoy all aspects of the course, including A&P."
- Anon - July 2014

"Passionate teachers like Alison, draw you in and inspire you to reach beyond yourself. It was clear from the beginning that she has an infectious enthusiasm and love for the work she does and it shines throughout her teaching. Lessons were thorough and in-depth, yet they were also fun and relaxed.

I would highly recommend serenity school to anyone interested in complementary therapies!"
- Samantha - July 2014

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