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ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Mandatory)

The Anatomy and Physiology award is the 'foundation' upon which all other Complementary, Beauty and Sports Therapy awards are based. It is comprised of several units encompassing all systems of the body.

It is essential for therapists to have a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology, as they will be working in direct contact with the body structures. It is also vital that they have a comprehensive knowledge of diseases and disorders of the human body so that they are aware of when and when not to treat a client, and only operate within certain parameters.

This certified course is run over a minimum of 50 hours and will result in an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Unit 30 - 40). Minimum age for students is 18 (by examination date).

The course includes:

  • Unit 30 Skeletal system
  • Unit 31 Muscular system
  • Unit 32 Skin
  • Unit 33 The Cell
  • Unit 34 Circulatory and Lymphatic systems
  • Unit 35 Neurological system
  • Unit 36 Endocrine system
  • Unit 37 Respiratory system
  • Unit 38 Digestive system
  • Unit 39 Urinary system
  • Unit 40 Reproductive system

The examination is a 1 hour multiple choice theory paper comprising of 50 questions on all aspects of the syllabus testing across all units and therefore all systems.
Successful students will be awarded the ITEC Internationally recognised Diploma together with a School Diploma.

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